Psycho Mulregard by: Kara Rae

      Old, strange, and a little psychotic, Mr.Mulregard. He was frowned upon; isolated from the world because of what is labeled “taboo”. To avoid staring eyes, he lived on the outskirts of town. He lived in a place referred to as “The Damned City”. There was no city occupying the area, it was actually just a dessert. Going on for miles, nothing but dirt and dead plants. No one was sure how the game generated, but it did and it stuck.

      Mr.Mulregard lived about seven miles into the dead city. Once a week, he went into town for mandatory groceries and appliances. As he walked, he could feel people staring at him. He felt as if his soul was being abducted and the pedestrian’s eyes as they passed were the aliens. Though he lived alone, he was not actually alone. He had a pet skunk. A stuffed skunk, yet he treated it the way a “normal” person would treat a living dog or cat. His skunk’s name was Rocko. Mr.Mulregard had found Rocko dead in front of his house, so he had Rocko stuffed. Rocko was Mr.Mulregard’s best friend. Rocko had a pair of roller skates that Mr.Mulregard fastened onto his feet every time Mr.Mulregard went to the grocery store, that way Rocko could accompany him. This was not the only reason Mr.Mulregard was frowned upon, he had a glass eye. Not because he needed it though, he wanted it. 

   Most people had said Mr.Mulregard was merely a psychopath and if you went into town, his name was more like a sin. You would have to go to the nearest church and be baptized if you were to do as much as even saying his name. If you did not follow through, people might have though that you had caught his illness. His glass eye and Rocko were not the only things making him an outcast in this cold, dark world. He did not have a leg for the same reason he did not have an eye. His name stood out as the epitome of bizarre. Every corner of his house had a stuffed animal that was dead, yet seemed so alive. His house had a huge oak tree in his front yard, the kind you would see in front of a haunted house in a horror movie. His house looked old and as if it had been burnt down, then built back up with the same wood.

   It’s not because he is missing a leg, has a glass eye, or even that he has a stuffed skunk as a pet and best friend that people do not accept him. It is simply the fact that he wanted these things and expressing his desire even mildly was enough to become an outcast and shunned from society. But his thought process was nothing even remotely similar to their’s. He believed that he should not be above anyone else and he wanted to see for himself what it might be like to be blind and an to be an amputee. He did not want to be completely blind or a full amputee though, so he cut off his left leg and gouged out his right eye.


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