Untitled Questioning. By: Kara Rae

    I cannot help it if I am not perfect, I just want to be the person you are scared to lose. Maybe that is not what my purpose is, but if not this, then I am lost in the labyrinth that is known well as “life”. Just save me from myself so I can live a life that is worth the space.

    Tell me how to pull myself above the tide, I cannot hear the startled calls anymore, so tell me how to get rid of these morbid thoughts that haunt me in my dreams. So many memories from the not-so-far-away past, yet I find myself unable to delete the evidence that it actually existed at some point in time. So tell me how to pull myself above my own tide.

     For I am drowning in my own little puddle of crimson rain, slipping swiftly from reality’s grasp and unable to pull my head out of the clouds; I am starting to find peace and warmth in the thought of a dream that does not show a cliche “forever” that comes to a sudden halt. 


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